Kleet Kutt Products

load sizes

We supply a mix of Oak, Ash, Beech, Silver Birch and Sycamore.

We have supplies of both Hardwood and Softwood available.

Our logs are well seasoned and ready to use immediately.

We deliver logs by transit tipper load, or can supply smaller loads if storage space is at a premium.

The photos show 1/3, 1/2 and Full loads.

HARDWOOD: FULL -£230 -HALF -£135 -THIRD - £100

SOFTWOOD: FULL -£175 -HALF -£100 -THIRD - £75

MIXED: FULL -£200 -HALF -£115 -THIRD - £95

We can also supply logs by the bag full for collection.

We have the facility to cut and split the logs to any size and are happy to supply them cut to customers specification. We also supply kindling, all of which will be delivered by our own transit tipper.