Frequently Asked Questions

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At Kleen Kutt Ltd, for your convenience, we have compiled a list of the questions that we often get asked. Please click on a question to see the response. However if you have a specific query that we have not covered here, just give us a call and we will do our best to help.

What wood should I use on an open fire?
Open fires would need Hardwood Logs, because there is less 'spitting'
What wood should I use on a Log Burner?
Log Burners can use either Hardwood or Softwood
What is the most economical wood to use?
Hardwood burns more slowly than Softwood, but Softwood is cheaper to buy
What are the benefits of Softwood?
Softwood is easier to light and burns slightly quicker and hotter initially
Are your Logs available for use immediately?
All of our supplied wood is well seasoned and can be used immediately. We also supply Ash Logs that can be burnt whether they are seasoned or not
Are there weight differences to the Logs supplied?
Hardwood is heavier
What should I use to light the fires?
We supply kindling for this purpose
How should I order just a small amount?
We can supply by the bag, you can collect from our Site at Westonzoyland
As we are a high user of logs for our buildings, are there larger loads available?
We can supply full length wood by the lorry load for large users, this will of course not be cut to size but remain in the 8' - 16' length for you to cut when needed, the lorry delivers 26 ton approximately