About Kleen Kutt


Kleen Kutt started as a partnership between two brothers, Dave and Tim Radford, and brother in law Nigel Rich in 1992. But it's origins go back to the early 1970's when all three were involved in the Hardwood business with Dave and Tim's father Bill Radford.

Over the years Kleen Kutt has expanded into one of Somerset's most successful Harvesting companies with contracts that span many years with the Forestry Commission and local woodland sites.

Today, as the demands for sustainable fuels increase, logs are being sought after not only by private buyers, but by eco-friendly heating companies. Kleen Kutt are a part of this movement and by being a local company, transport impact on the environment is greatly reduced.

We have been able to successfully contract to the Forestry Commission for many years, as well as private estates. Some of these are long term contracts; including the famous Neroche Project.


We operate the most efficient Harvesting equipment, resulting in minimum environmental impact and minimum wastage. Our skilled workforce consists of Harvester and Forwarder drivers, Winch gangs, plus Digger and Chainsaw professionals. We also run our own delivery system, with a Volvo 6 wheel lorry and drag plus contracted hauliers.

The knowledge that all wood supplied is from well maintained forests and woodlands provides assurance that this will be a sustainable resource for the future.

Our team of highly skilled and enthusiastic staff are keen to be a part of this movement to sustain and protect our environment, whilst ensuring that our customers needs are met in full.